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The Scottish Companion

Ranney’s The Scottish Companion.
[Historical Romance]

the scottish companion

Grant Roberson is the 10th earl of Straithern. He is been haunted by the deaths of his 2 younger brothers. Everyone thinks it was some sort of disease that killed them but Grant knows it was no disease and someone murdered his brothers and He wants to take revenge on whoever did this. But he is faced by another problem, he needs to marry and have an heir because he feels even his life is in danger too and therefore its necessary to marry as soon as he can.

He asks Dr.Fenton, his family doctor, whether he can marry his daughter Arabella. Though doubtful at first he agrees to this proposal. Dr.Fenton goes home to tell his daughter where we meet Gillian Cameron, Arabella’s companion. He asks Gillian to tell Arabella about the marriage and asks her to get her things ready since they will be staying at the manor for a month or so before the marriage.

Gillian is a very simple girl who dreams to have her perfect family some day. Arabella on the other hand is not at all interested in marriage and wants to be a doctor like her father. Knowing she doesn’t have much choice she agrees and they all go to live in Rosemoor, Grants home.

Once there Arabella’s behavior clashes with Grants. They are poles apart. But since this is just a marriage of convenience neither is bothered. But what catches Grants attention is Gillian. He finds her fascinating. And Gillian too finds herself very much attracted to the Earl. Suspecting a growing attraction between Gillian and Grant Dr.Fenton, in order to stop it, keeps reminding Gillian Her past and how much she owes him and to Grant that he will be marrying his daughter soon.

Amidst all this many secrets are revealed of the Rosemoor manor , and the killer is now striking more closer than ever [on Grant]. Will Gillian and Grant be able to resist the passion between them? or will they loose the chance to be together ’cause of their pride, misunderstandings, the circumstances and the danger that surrounds them?

* what i liked about the book is how sweet the romance is. Being an avid reader of the romance genre, this is just another one that i read. but nevertheless its very interesting.
The main characters are very daring by nature, for  such a backdrop. its like one of those books you can read at a Friday nights when you got nothing else to do. In the end Its an enjoyable read.

I would give it 3.7  out of 5.
Happy Reading:)


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