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The Client

John Grisham’s The Client

The client

The book starts by introducing the characters Mark Sway, age 11 and his younger brother Ricky Sway, age 8. They both were heading toward the woods behind their trailer park to smoke. [Mark was gonna teach Ricky how to smoke] But soon as they start mark finds a car nearby in the woods. There was a fat man inside. And by the looks of it he was trying to kill himself. Mark tries to see what he is up to while Ricky insists he is scared and wants to go back. Mark doesn’t listen to him and keeps going near the car. And then suddenly he is grabbed by this man who turns out to be a lawyer, Jerome Clifford. He tells mark that nobody was supposed to see him suicide and now mark too will die with him. Scared for his life mark tries to do everything to escape and somehow Ricky helps him out. But the lawyer ends up dying. The whole incident sends Ricky into a post-traumatic shock.

Mark soon takes his brother to their trailer and calls 911 and tells them there is man dead near to where he lives. The cops come and do all the checking and confirms who the dead man is. They find Mark near the spot and suspect he must have seen something. But mark refuses to say anything and later mark and his mother takes Ricky to a hospital.

Now the Cops Know [or suspect strongly] Mark must have talked to the [ now dead] lawyer and they want to know if its about the hidden place where the most-sought-after dead body in America is located, that of the senator from new Orleans. Mark is scared and doesn’t wanna talk to anyone without knowing it might put him and his family in danger. So he finds a lawyer for himself called Reggie Love, who has been a lawyer for all of 4 years.

Now Mark is caught between the legal system and a mob killer desperate to cover up his crime And its up to Mark [with the help of Reggie who is ready to do anything to protect her client] to do the right thing to save himself from this mess.

* What i liked about the book is how this kid, who surprisingly knows what all to do at such a young age, has been portrayed and all the situations he has to go through to save himself and his family away from harm. Also the character Reggie is very strong. She does everything she can to help and protect this young kid who is completely innocent and has a long life to live. Now what i didn’t like much about the book is i felt it was kinda slow at times and also the fact that mark knows what all to do for a kid his age, its kinda superficial. But besides all that i really wanted to know what keeps happening and the book is really exciting for the most of the parts. John grisham is one of my favorite authors and his legal thrillers are always a good read. i have just recently started reading his books. The client was my second one.

I would Give the book 3.9 stars out of 5.
Happy reading:)


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The Street Lawyer

Grisham’s The Street Lawyer.

Street lawyer

The Street Lawyer is about The big bucks these lawyers make in the big firms. Who no longer care for the poor and unprotected as they did when they were in law school. The story starts of with a guy keeping few lawyers hostages, including the one on whom the story is based, Michael Brock, who works in Drake & Sweeney. After spending some hours as hostages and seeing the man be killed by the cops He starts rethinking his needs. Once an ambitious man now wants to help bring justice to the poor.

Micheal’s Marriage too is failing. His wife is a surgeon and is tired of waiting for her husbands busy schedules to slow down. So she keeps herself busy and slowly they drift off from each other. Finally they both head for divorce. By this time Michael’s all trying to figure out why the man had come to take them as hostage and all the things he had said to them during that time.

He wants to know how the poor are treated. Soon he finds a case that threatens the ex-company he worked for, D&S law firm. If the case becomes public then D&S has lot many at stakes. And so they want Michael to keep quiet and they try their best to stop him. Micheal’s former partners has become his bitter enemy and he has become the most dangerous man to D&S. Its one man’s fight against a hundred.

* what i liked about the book is how interesting michael’s character is. He had everything and yet was ready to leave it behind to do what he felt was the right thing to do. He goes through so many difficult problems in order to give justice to the poor. I also liked the character Mordecai Green, who is very reliable and determined and helps Michael most of  the time. What i didn’t like is not much, just not as fast paced as expected. but a good one to read.

I would rate it 3.8  out 5.
Happy Reading:)

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