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Deception Point

Dan Brown’s Deception Point.

Once again Dan has written an excellent book. I really like the fast pace of the book. The suspense is excellent. Its amazing how he writes almost effortlessly. The story is really good and fresh. Infact i like it more than Digital Fortress.

My liking order would be : 1. Angels & demons, 2. The Da Vinci Code, 3. Deception point and 4. Digital Fortress.

now the plot : When a new NASA satellite detects evidence of an astonishingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, the floundering space agency proclaims a much-needed victory, a victory that has profound implications for U.S. space policy and the impending presidential election. With the Oval Office in the balance, the President dispatches White House Intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton to the Arctic to verify the authenticity of the find. Accompanied by a team of experts, including the charismatic academic Michael Tolland, Rachel uncovers the unthinkable – evidence of scientific trickery – a bold deception that threatens to plunge the world into controversy.

Before they can go public with the vital information, a highly skilled team of special forces are sent to destroy them. Battling nature’s deadly elements as well as unstoppable killer armed with incredibly high-tech arsenal, the duo struggle to survive and discern the truth.

The truth, they will learn, is the most shocking deception of all?

The book started off very well… but towards the end it was kinda dragging. but tats just like the last few chapters and by the time u almost reach the end its a all fast pacing again.

With author Dan Brown at the helm, readers are virtually guaranteed a book which is thrilling, intense and riveting. I really enjoyed the book and is a must read for Dan brown fans.

i would give 4.0  out of 5.
Happy reading:)


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Love Story

Erich Segal’s Love story


1st of all i was surprised to see the book has only 187 pages, not that it matters. but that’s something new for me. I remember seeing this book whenever i went to the book stores. At that time i never felt i should buy it though the title was tempting. I just felt it ll be some other love story, nothing great.

But this books really has that ‘x-factor’ that makes it unique. I like the way how it starts and it just flows by without any stumbles on the way. Now this is a story about Oliver Barrett IV and Jennifer Cavilleri. Oliver is very rich who is studying in Harvard and on his way to make a career in law. Jenny is studying music at Radcliffe. Oliver makes one feel like he is the guy next door and jenny is this high spirited, wisecracking young woman. Both hit it off at the 1st time with an initial funny and a sarcastic encounter.

They were definitely meant to be. it was almost a match made in haven. Almost. After a few up’s and downs [with Oliver’s father OB III ] they get married. but they have to work really hard to make ends meet. this was truly a test for them. How they got along through this tough time was remarkable though it was short, nonetheless they stuck to each other.

After Oliver gets his law degree and gets a great job everything seems to be going great. Untill they find out about the cancer [leukemia]. Here the story just goes with the flow without anything further. The end was the most heart wrenching for me. Till then everything was like alright.

This book is a great read. even if one doesnt like reading books they can give this a try since its very short and u can finish it in a record time. the best thing about this book was its simple, straight forward and realistic.

I would give it 4.2  out of 5.
Happy reading:)

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Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight


Twilight is a captivating love story with a twist. Seventeen year old Bella Swan has to go and live with her dad in the small northern town of Forks, and needless to say she’s not exactly thrilled. But her view of the place quickly changes when she meets the beautiful and mysterious Edward Cullen.

Bella soon finds herself swept up in a thrilling mystery as she begins to uncover Edward’s incredible secret: he and his family are vampires! But not just any vampires – good vampires, who try to ignore their overwhelming urge to drink human blood and don’t hunt people. Only snag is, Bella is exactly Edward’s taste in- blood, and he faces a constant inner battle between wanting to protect her, and his overwhelming desire to sink his teeth into her neck. The plot thickens as Bella soon realises that she has fallen in love with him. But can it ever be safe to love a vampire?

*it’s a fine mix of romance and adventure.

Edward is the most swoon-worthy hero I’ve encountered in a long time, and I was just as much in love with him as Bella was. Well, he is the perfect man – what with his supernatural looks, strength, speed and powers – but that all just adds to the fun. Other characters included most of Edward’s family – who all have their own individual histories and personalities – but especially Alice, who can see the future, and Rosalie, although we don’t see much of her.

Though technically a young adult book, this one’s not just for the teenage girls. Anyone with any romance in them will love it; it may be slightly mushy in places. It’s romantic, surprisingly well-written, and what’s more, a page-turner.

I would give this book 3.6  out of 5.
Happy reading:)

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Count to ten

Karen Rose – Count to Ten.

Count to ten

Lieutenant Reed Solliday works for the Chicago fire department. He is a widower, who still haven’t forgotten his past love. He has a 14 yr old daughter and his adopted sister lives close by to take care of them. He has got a new case up his sleeve again. But this time its nothing he has ever experienced. Its devastating, vicious and in one case homicidal.

Mia Mitchell is with the Chicago police department. She still hasn’t gotten over the past for not saving her partner in a shootout and is determined to find the culprit. But then she is paired with Reed Solliday for a new arson case. Mia was raised by an abusive father, who was a cop, and she has never revealed the story to anyone. Her sister is in jail for armed robbery and only she knows the horror both lived thorough. Mia has found it hard to trust a man and at 34 has pretty much given up hope of finding a man she can love and trust.

When both are assigned this case, they find out they don’t go together well yet feel there is a lot of heat between them. But Both are determined not to let the fires of passion confuse them and push them into a deeper relationship. Maybe they can enjoy the fire without paying the price. They have a serial firebug who is murdering and raping the women then burning them up in the houses. At first it is not considered a serial. But shortly after the first body is found, another house and woman are burned and raped.

Together, Mia and Reed race to stop a killer whose violence is escalating by the day. In a series of horrifying murders, they both know that the killer won’t stop until they stop him. As Reed and Mia sift through the clues, additional fires and victims start piling up, as a madman is seeking vengeance on people who failed him and his brother, and they can’t seem to connect the dots, but sure seem to connect with each other. As they get closer to the truth, Mia gets into the cross hairs of the killer, who plans to use her to detract attention before he completes his revenge.

will they be able to find the killer soon and stop the horrifying incidents before he hurts their loved ones? will they be able to get past each others preferences and make a future for themselves?

* Its the first time i have read a Karen rose book. and boy do i like it! its fun, refreshing and feels almost real.. though i felt the pace between Mia and Reed are kinda slow, still the rest of the story makes up for it. It also explore the relation between a father and a daughter. which is really sad at times but is also cute otherwise. Mia’s past haunts her till today but with Reed in her life now, she seems to be getting over it. She was a strong character which i loved and Reed was very real and believable. It did drag from time to time but otherwise the whole package is excellent. its definitely worth the read.

i would give it 3.9  out of 5.
Happy reading:)

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Digital Fortress

Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress.

digital fortress

Well to start off the book is about people working in a very secret organization called the NSA [National Security Agency] They Break codes and practically save the U.S from all the terrorist attacks.. Now in the beginning we are introduced to the character Susan Fletcher, head of cryptography And her fiance David Becker, a professor at Georgetown university, who were planning to go for a holiday that day but instead We are made to know that he is being sent off to a mission on behalf of NSA to Spain.

Susan is asked to come to the NSA as soon as possible where we meet The deputy director of operations[in NSA], commander Strathmore. In between all this we also come to know about the TRANSLTR, a machine which can break any code there is. Soon its understood that there is something seriously wrong going on. Strathmore explains to susan that they are finally stuck. Their previous employee Ensei Tankado has finally been able to find the ultimate unbreakable code, called the Digital Fortress. He demands that the world knows about the TRANSLTR so that people know that their privacy is being hacked upon or else it explodes and all their files will be able to be viewed by every other person with a modem. And the only way to stop it is by using the pass-key which is with Ensei. But unfortunately he is killed even before anyone can make out what they have to do.

Meanwhile David is in Spain trying to retrieve the belongings of Ensei Tankado, where he was killed. His orders were to touch nothing and read nothing and bring everything back. He finds out that Ensei was wearing a ring which is not there anymore.. And he has to go through many obstacles to find that ring. In NSA Susan finds out many secrets and lies which is an absolute shock for her and is desperate to stop the crumbling situation she has found herself in, not just for her but also for her country and in the end for the man she loves. Now its up to David to find the ring, which is believed to have the inscription of the pass key and help stop the doom awaiting upon the NSA and in turn the U.S intelligence.

* What i liked about the book is the fast pace in which everything happens. The main characters are very interesting and its like a web where everything is interconnected. The thing i didn’t like is the few sub characters, don’t know why but they seem to be irritating especially since they didn’t do what they were supposed to but kept interfering mostly.
But in total the book is a really good read and especially a must read for fans of Dan Brown who has read his other books [ The Da vinci code being the most popular and controversial]

I would give it 3.8 out of 5.
Happy reading:)

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The Client

John Grisham’s The Client

The client

The book starts by introducing the characters Mark Sway, age 11 and his younger brother Ricky Sway, age 8. They both were heading toward the woods behind their trailer park to smoke. [Mark was gonna teach Ricky how to smoke] But soon as they start mark finds a car nearby in the woods. There was a fat man inside. And by the looks of it he was trying to kill himself. Mark tries to see what he is up to while Ricky insists he is scared and wants to go back. Mark doesn’t listen to him and keeps going near the car. And then suddenly he is grabbed by this man who turns out to be a lawyer, Jerome Clifford. He tells mark that nobody was supposed to see him suicide and now mark too will die with him. Scared for his life mark tries to do everything to escape and somehow Ricky helps him out. But the lawyer ends up dying. The whole incident sends Ricky into a post-traumatic shock.

Mark soon takes his brother to their trailer and calls 911 and tells them there is man dead near to where he lives. The cops come and do all the checking and confirms who the dead man is. They find Mark near the spot and suspect he must have seen something. But mark refuses to say anything and later mark and his mother takes Ricky to a hospital.

Now the Cops Know [or suspect strongly] Mark must have talked to the [ now dead] lawyer and they want to know if its about the hidden place where the most-sought-after dead body in America is located, that of the senator from new Orleans. Mark is scared and doesn’t wanna talk to anyone without knowing it might put him and his family in danger. So he finds a lawyer for himself called Reggie Love, who has been a lawyer for all of 4 years.

Now Mark is caught between the legal system and a mob killer desperate to cover up his crime And its up to Mark [with the help of Reggie who is ready to do anything to protect her client] to do the right thing to save himself from this mess.

* What i liked about the book is how this kid, who surprisingly knows what all to do at such a young age, has been portrayed and all the situations he has to go through to save himself and his family away from harm. Also the character Reggie is very strong. She does everything she can to help and protect this young kid who is completely innocent and has a long life to live. Now what i didn’t like much about the book is i felt it was kinda slow at times and also the fact that mark knows what all to do for a kid his age, its kinda superficial. But besides all that i really wanted to know what keeps happening and the book is really exciting for the most of the parts. John grisham is one of my favorite authors and his legal thrillers are always a good read. i have just recently started reading his books. The client was my second one.

I would Give the book 3.9 stars out of 5.
Happy reading:)

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The Scottish Companion

Ranney’s The Scottish Companion.
[Historical Romance]

the scottish companion

Grant Roberson is the 10th earl of Straithern. He is been haunted by the deaths of his 2 younger brothers. Everyone thinks it was some sort of disease that killed them but Grant knows it was no disease and someone murdered his brothers and He wants to take revenge on whoever did this. But he is faced by another problem, he needs to marry and have an heir because he feels even his life is in danger too and therefore its necessary to marry as soon as he can.

He asks Dr.Fenton, his family doctor, whether he can marry his daughter Arabella. Though doubtful at first he agrees to this proposal. Dr.Fenton goes home to tell his daughter where we meet Gillian Cameron, Arabella’s companion. He asks Gillian to tell Arabella about the marriage and asks her to get her things ready since they will be staying at the manor for a month or so before the marriage.

Gillian is a very simple girl who dreams to have her perfect family some day. Arabella on the other hand is not at all interested in marriage and wants to be a doctor like her father. Knowing she doesn’t have much choice she agrees and they all go to live in Rosemoor, Grants home.

Once there Arabella’s behavior clashes with Grants. They are poles apart. But since this is just a marriage of convenience neither is bothered. But what catches Grants attention is Gillian. He finds her fascinating. And Gillian too finds herself very much attracted to the Earl. Suspecting a growing attraction between Gillian and Grant Dr.Fenton, in order to stop it, keeps reminding Gillian Her past and how much she owes him and to Grant that he will be marrying his daughter soon.

Amidst all this many secrets are revealed of the Rosemoor manor , and the killer is now striking more closer than ever [on Grant]. Will Gillian and Grant be able to resist the passion between them? or will they loose the chance to be together ’cause of their pride, misunderstandings, the circumstances and the danger that surrounds them?

* what i liked about the book is how sweet the romance is. Being an avid reader of the romance genre, this is just another one that i read. but nevertheless its very interesting.
The main characters are very daring by nature, for  such a backdrop. its like one of those books you can read at a Friday nights when you got nothing else to do. In the end Its an enjoyable read.

I would give it 3.7  out of 5.
Happy Reading:)

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